Junior AV Club at iMappening 2012

Junior AV Club at iMappening 2012

Posted on May 2, 2012

I just finished a video piece for this year’s iMappening show at USC.  iMappening is an annual opportunity for iMAP PhD students to share their ongoing creative and scholarly pursuits with the public.  This year’s event is being held on stage 3 at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.  The opening reception is May 9th from 6-9PM.  May 10th will include panel talks from iMAP scholars as well as an opportunity to visit the exhibition space from 10AM-7PM.

More information is available on the IML’s website.

The piece I made is a 35-minute HD video loop of footage coming out of last summer’s Junior AV Club.  Junior AV Club is an ongoing research project aimed at understanding and developing effective uses of technology as learning tools for early childhood education.  The piece is meant to exist in a gallery space where people can walk up and engage with the material without needing to experience it in a controlled linear manner.  Unlike a regular research report video that would tend to communicate  its findings in concisely constructed units, I saw this as an opportunity to present longer pieces of video in a structured but still loose-feeling manner so that viewers might get a more direct experience and perspective into what the learning activities were like for the people involved.

To provide context and accessibility, I created simple and persistent overlays for the video.  Across the bottom of the screen a status bar indicates the current section of the video and lets the viewer know generally what they are seeing.  On the right hand side of the frame, a vertical space contains clusters of key words associated with the project, inviting the viewer to look for evidence of these qualities, practices and ideas within the footage they are seeing.

This piece fits into my larger interests in exploring different forms and forums for the creation and distribution of academic video work.  The video material presented here comes from a large archive of material generated during the project, both as documentation of the project and as a natural product of the activities of the learners themselves who always had access to cameras and microphones when they wanted them and who often used such tools as a means of observation, participation and enhancement of their experiences.  My next project along these lines will be to create an interactive interface to these materials, along with video material that provides a more academic context into the goals and processes of the Junior AV Club project as it relates to the fields of digital media and learning and media studies.

Stay Tuned.

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