Posted on April 1, 2012

I am preparing to complete, defend and file my dissertation for the Media Arts and Practice (iMAP) PhD program at the University of Southern California.

This interdisciplinary program is made up of an outstanding group of media arts scholars and practitioners working on a wide variety of topics and projects.  The iMAP PhD is a practice-based PhD wherein students craft a digital dissertation that expands upon the traditional text-based dissertation project, supporting rigorous scholarship with dynamic digital artistry and craft.

Drawing on my background and training in traditional film and video production, the iMAP program has given me the opportunity to expand my skills into computational and procedural forms of media production and interactivity design.  These sorts of skills and systems thinking influence my approach to my research interests of media and technology as tools for learning and the development of new and alternative pedagogical models.

I see video as an important research tool, and employ my experiences as a practitioner and instructor of documentary filmmaking in my research methodologies.  I plan to create an immersive interactive documentary experience for my dissertation project that will include a collaboratively created aspirational design fiction envisioning future forms of connected learning.

Guidance Committe
Tara McPherson, Chair
Steve Anderson
Scott Fisher
Mizuko Ito
Holly Willis

Coursework in:
Design for interactive media, database cinema, critical studies, communications, research methodologies, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, computational art and physical computing.
Projects and collaborations (documentation coming soon!):

  1. Bouquet – Interactive flash based video project
  2. Black Hole Scavengers – Board game
  3. Together – Therapeutic board game
  4. Sticks and Stones – Flash game about school yard bullies
  5. Hurt-Comfort and Health Care – seminar paper
  6. Reading the Virtual Window – Multimedia seminar presentation
  7. Workstation – Mixed media gallery installation
  8. Reality SCA – Collaborative production experience for SCA Freshman.  Production coordinator.
  9. Double Shadow – Film project, assistant director
  10. The Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 MFT Lens: Resolving the world through the fast and shallow view of a prosumer lens – Seminar paper with creative video component.



Voigtlander Video – This short piece is meant to comment on the techno-fetishization of shallow focus aesthetics as evidenced to enthusiasm for a particular micro four thirds format lens amongst the online community of the website, while demonstrating those technical capabilities and aesthetic qualities that earned the lens its following.

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