Media Activism and Participatory Politics (MAPP)

Since joining the Media Activism and Participatory Politics (MAPP) project in Spring, 2013, I have had great opportunities to contribute to work focused on youth driven activism and civic engagement. Continue Reading →

Project Syria

I made a video for the Project Syria immersive journalism experience that premiered at the World Economic Forum, 2014. Continue Reading →

Educast Video Series for KQED

In 2013 I began making regular contributions to KQED’s Educast video and blog series, covering a number of useful media making tools for teachers and learners. Continue Reading →

MA+P Video Gallery

This gallery contains recent video production work that I have done as the Media Design Lead for the Media Arts + Practice Division at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Continue Reading →

IML 102: Digital Studies Studio

In Fall 2013 I co-taught the inaugural offering of IML 102: Digital Studies Studio with Steve Anderson. This 4-unit course was a core requirement for the first cohort of students admitted to the Bachelor of Arts of Media Arts + Practice degree program. Continue Reading →

Effat University – Visual Digital Production Program Development

In 2013, I worked with my colleagues from the Media Arts + Practice Division (then IML) to develop the Visual Digital Production Program at Effat University in Saudi Arabia. Continue Reading →

DML Summer Institute 2013

I was honored to be included as a research associate for the 2013 DML Summer Institute program in San Francisco. Continue Reading →

Junior AV Club at iMappening 2012

I just finished a video piece for this year’s iMappening show at USC.  iMappening is an annual opportunity for iMAP PhD students to share their ongoing creative and scholarly pursuits with the public.  This year’s event is being held on stage 3 at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.  The opening reception is May 9th from 6-9PM.  May 10th will include panel talks from iMAP scholars as well as an opportunity to visit the exhibition space from 10AM-7PM. Continue Reading →

Designing Culture – Book Review

Anne Balsamo, Designing Culture: The Technological Imagination at Work.
Duke University Press, 2011. 312pp. Paperback.


Reviewed for IML by Gabriel Peters-Lazaro Continue Reading →

Videoing Writing

It took me just under an hour to write 2 minutes of voice over for the introduction of a video piece I’m working on.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my own process, especially in terms of the solitary academic tasks of reading and writing.  I’ve been trying to think how to link them more with the satisfyingly embodied experience of my filmmaking art practice.  When I’m up and shooting, I don’t get tired or lose focus.  But when I sit and read and write, it’s easy to drift and lapse into habits of procrastination and distraction.
So I felt compelled today to pull my video camera out, to put on a wireless lapel microphone, and to document myself writing this little piece of text.  I tried not to think about how this would be the most boring piece of video ever recorded.  Tried not to think about what the point of it was and if it would be worth the disk space required to shoot it and store it.  I just setup the shot, turned it on, sat down and did my writing.  And in a way, I think it worked.  Some part of myself knew it was a performance, and I could let the distractable part of my brain inhabit that space, so that the thinking writing part could stay focused on the task.

It also motivated me to read back what I had written outloud, to feel less silly doing that, and to really pare my words down to the essentials.  This was particularly necessary since I was writing voice over, but I find that to be a helpful practice whenever I want to write clearly and succinctly.  So all the time.

But what do I do with the video?  I have a phobia against erasing anything.  Once a piece of data exists, I’m loath to annihilate it.  It’s an extension of me now, a new body of my body that has the potential to live forever.  So I guess I’ll just let it live here for now.  Why not?


I am preparing to complete, defend and file my dissertation for the Media Arts and Practice (iMAP) PhD program at the University of Southern California.

This interdisciplinary program is made up of an outstanding group of media arts scholars and practitioners working on a wide variety of topics and projects.  The iMAP PhD is a practice-based PhD wherein students craft a digital dissertation that expands upon the traditional text-based dissertation project, supporting rigorous scholarship with dynamic digital artistry and craft. Continue Reading →

The Junior AV Club

The Junior AV Club is an ongoing action research project at USC’s Institute for Multimedia Literacy, examining the educational potential of digital media for early childhood learners.  We embrace a participatory pedagogical approach, focusing on transmedia digital storytelling as a way of enforcing traditional and computational literacies.


USC Shoah Foundation Institute

I have been a frequent collaborator with the USC Shoah Foundation Institute through my work at the Institute for Multimedia Literacy. Continue Reading →

A National Summit on Arts Journalism

In 2009 I produced a series of 10 short videos highlighting innovative work in the field of arts journalism for a National Summit on Arts Journalism. Continue Reading →


Slantyhouse Video Blog Series

Started in 2008, the Slantyhouse series is my outlet for a wide variety of personal video works.  While these include conversations and trips with family and friends, the videos are mostly concerned with the strangeness of private space, and the question of how solitude changes in front of a camera. Continue Reading →